Chocolate-Coated Creepiness in Seattle


It’s hard to find a soul in this world that doesn’t like chocolate (and if you can, all you can do is pity them.) It’s a common staple for desserts, drinks, snacks, pick-me-ups, and even entrées in rare circumstances, and of course chocolate candies are a popular find in Halloween trick-or-treat bags. Here at Alexan 100, chocolate lovers or those just interested in learning more can easily do so thanks to our luxury apartment location, and for a limited time you can celebrate Halloween at the same venue.

All through the last two weeks of October, the Seattle Chocolate Factory is hosting its special Haunted Factory tour, perfect for those who love to get into the Halloween spirit, chocoholics, or those who want a twist on the typical edutainment tour. The factory is located only sixteen miles away from our upcoming luxury apartments, so you can arrive for your scheduled tour in under thirty minutes. This twisted tour features Ixcacao, the Goddess of Chocolate, and a malevolent spirit that dwells within the assembly lines and bakeries, filling the halls with mischief and frights. Explorers get to learn about the process of creating amazing chocolate – from its roots as a cacao bean all the way to the finished bars you buy at the supermarket – all while immersing themselves in the fun and spooky atmosphere. Don’t worry, parents; the entire tour is kid-friendly, and so any family is welcome to attend.

Have your tricks and your treats here at Alexan 100. Explore the Seattle Chocolate Factory for its Haunted Tours this October, and check out our pre-lease offers before we open in November.