Above and Beyond Pizza in Seattle


Pizza is one of the most versatile entrees you can find in the states. It’s perfect for casual hangouts at your home, for parties where everyone grabs a slice and shares great stories, or even for high-end restaurants with artisan toppings to complement the romantic atmosphere. Whatever you need pizza for, our luxury apartments at Alexan 100 put you close to the best pizzerias in Seattle, so you can put your palate to the test in your comfort zone.

Pizzeria Credo is an Italian restaurant in West Seattle that elevates the classic pie recipe into a pure culinary delight, featuring only the freshest ingredients and toppings on each pizza. It’s the highest rated restaurant in the city according to rave TripAdvisor reviews, and it’s only six or seven miles away from our luxury apartments, so you can drive there in only fifteen to twenty minutes. Open for lunch and dinner almost every day, with the exception of Monday, there’s something on the menu that anyone can enjoy. Start out your meal with an addicting appetizer, such as the spring green mix salad, bruschetta grilled bread with garlic and olive oil, and meatballs al forno topped with marinara sauce. Afterwards, try one of their thirteen brick oven pizza recipes, including the classic Margherita, the Con Carne topped with spicy chorizo, or the Tartuffo with seasonal mushrooms, truffle cheese, and eggplant. If you’re not quite in the mood for pizza, they have several great pasta options as well.

Grab a slice of stupendous pizza flavor here at Alexan 100. Stop by our Seattle luxury apartments and Pizzeria Credo for your next Italian craving.