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Seattle Apartments for Sick and Well Days

No one likes to be ill. You’re struggling to stay awake long enough to eat, all while combating a nasty cough, a nose that never stops running or feeling stuffed, or all other kinds of yucky symptoms. However, the silver lining of any sick day is being able to spend it at home, and our luxury Seattle apartments and great amenities at Alexan 100 ensures you can enjoy any day within your comfort zone, whether you’re fighting off a cold or just a classic case of boredom.

For starters, nothing quite combats a bad cold like a hot bath or shower. Our spa-inspired bathrooms have everything you need to create your own sanctuary, such as beautiful quartz countertops, undermount sinks, gigantic garden tubs or sleek stand-in glass showers, and tile surrounds at every tub. Heat up some...

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luxury Seattle studio apartments

S4: Luxury Seattle Studio Apartments with Class

Studio apartments are great for many situations, whether you’re new to Seattle or new to single living in general and you want to plant your roots without breaking your bank, you’re a travelling worker that just...

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Above and Beyond Pizza in Seattle

Pizza is one of the most versatile entrees you can find in the states. It’s perfect for casual hangouts at your home, for parties where everyone grabs a slice and shares great stories, or even for high-end restaurants with artisan toppings to complement the romantic atmosphere. Whatever you need pizza for, our luxury apartments at Alexan 100 put you close to the best pizzerias in Seattle, so...

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luxury Seattle apartment community

Stress-Free Ease in Our Luxury Seattle Apartment Community

Adults have to deal with a lot of responsibilities every day, so it always feels nice when we can get some weight off our shoulders. Our luxury Seattle apartment community at Alexan 100 ensures that not only do our...

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Comfort for Any Occasion in Our Seattle Apartments

A home should always be flexible to your needs, whether you need to turn your comfort zone into a party space for a special event, you are making room for guests or a new member to the family, or you simply just...

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