Seattle Apartments to Manage Time Wisely

Time is our most precious commodity. We can spend it, but rarely do we earn it back, and every second counts when it comes to the toughest tasks or the happiest moments. Here at Alexan 100, we encourage all our residents to make the most each second on the clock, for our luxury apartments are designed for both work and play thanks to our plentiful amenities.

First of all, each home has more than enough space to handle your needs, with ceilings at least nine feet tall to stack your highest bookshelves, arrange your best photograph collage, and stretch from your fingertips to your toes. Keep your comfort zone at the ideal temperature without sacrificing your funds on the electric bill using the efficient air conditioner installed in each apartment, and conquer laundry without...

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one bedroom Seattle apartments

A12: Idyllic One-Bedroom Seattle Apartments

Everyone has their own definition of a perfect home: for some, it means having more than enough space to bring in some friends and play around; for others, it means having a quiet sanctuary that you can escape to at...

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Chocolate-Coated Creepiness in Seattle

It’s hard to find a soul in this world that doesn’t like chocolate (and if you can, all you can do is pity them.) It’s a common staple for desserts, drinks, snacks, pick-me-ups, and even entrées in rare circumstances, and of course chocolate candies are a popular find in Halloween trick-or-treat bags. Here at Alexan 100, chocolate lovers or those just interested in learning more can...

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Whimsical Weekends in Our Seattle Apartment Community

While humanity can stand on multiple ends of an argument, there’s one thing that almost anyone can agree on: Saturdays and Sundays are the best days of the week. Most people can take a break from their duties in...

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Seattle Apartments for Utter Stress Relief

Stress is like an ugly raincloud; even if it decides not to soak your entire being and ruin your day, it’s always constantly following you around, leaving worry and doubt in its way. Thankfully, our luxury...

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