A Seattle Apartment Community for Leg Days

Seattle apartment community

There are so many different exercises and tools available today, it’s easy to find the right routine for your health needs. Perhaps you want to focus on your heart? A good run down the street or a bike ride every evening may help. Want to gain muscle? Grab some free weights for good resistance training. Whatever you may need to achieve a healthy lifestyle, our luxury Seattle apartment community at Alexan 100 have you covered, thanks to our health-conscious and welcoming amenities.

First of all, our state-of-the-art fitness center is the best spot for any exercise routine, whether you’re just breaking away from your couch potato roots or you’re looking to perfect your leg day routine. Maximize your efforts using the high-tech equipment – including treadmills, rowing machines, and stationary bikes – or stretch out your limbs in the open space. Best of all, there’s no expensive membership fee nor long travel distance to worry about; simply walk right in from anywhere in our luxury apartment community. Grab your street bike or mountain bike from our convenient bike storage and repair centers and explore the city of Seattle or the beautiful surrounding forests and mountains while you get your heart pumping. Bring your furry family along with you on your morning or evening jogs in our pet-friendly community, complete with a dog run station to give them their own workout and a pet washing facility to clean their pelts until they shine.

Achieve your idyllic state of body and mind here at Alexan 100. Step into our fit and friendly luxury Seattle apartment community and see our amenities for yourself.