A Couple’s Retreat in Seattle

Love – whether it’s romantic, familial, or even platonic – is an important aspect of life we must all learn to treasure, and it helps to treat those you care about with something special once in a while to remind them how much you care. Our luxury apartments at Alexan 100 offer many different methods to treat your loved ones in our comfortable community as well as our Seattle neighborhood, so there’s never love lost so long as you’re home.

Little Red Day Spa is a massage parlor and therapeutic center in south Seattle with a unique premise: it’s dedicated for couples looking to spend the day together. While many people choose to bring their romantic partners – and rightfully so, thanks to its charming and heartfelt atmosphere – you’re also more than welcome to bring a best friend, a parent, or a sibling for a full day of pampering. There are four beautiful suites to choose from for your enjoyment, each with its own massage tables and equipment for a romantic private dinner: the premier Art Suite, the exotic Moroccan Suite, the dreamlike Sky Suite, and the down-to-earth Tent Suite. They also offer classes on massaging for those who want to learn how to relieve their partner’s back aches right from the comfort of home. Best of all, the spa is only four miles away from our luxury apartments, a mere fifteen-minute drive or a thirty-minute bus ride through Seattle.

Celebrate the ones you love with a special treat here at Alexan 100. Make an appointment at the Little Red Day Spa and our Seattle luxury apartments for a sweet escape.